Does Anacom MedTek only make nurse call accessories?

Anacom Medtek continues to strive and commit to be an all-inclusive healthcare equipment and device provider.    Contact us directly for specific products and services you require.

What if I don’t see what I need in your catalog or website?

Don’t worry!  Anacom MedTek continues to strive to be your all-inclusive manufacturer and provider of all thing’s healthcare and hospital room devices.  Contact us directly for your specific requirements at (800) 955 – 9540 or csm@anacom-medtek.com

Does Anacom MedTek offer customization of nurse call accessories?

Yes, there are minimum requirements for customized products.    We design, prototype, and manufacture to fit your needs.

Are the products on this website the only products that Anacom MedTek sells?

The items shown in this website reflect only a portion of the most popular items that we sell. There are many models and products that are available. We produce a large variety of items all of which could not all be presented. Our extensive manufacturing capability and well as our overseas resources can enable us to supply most all your Nurse call and patient accessory needs.

Please contact a customer service representative for your needs at 1-800-955-9540

How do I find out the answer to a question not listed here?

You can email us at csm@anacom-medtek.com we will return your email with an answer to your question.

What are your hours of operation?

6:00 am to 4:30 PM Pacific standard time (PST) Monday through Friday.  We are closed most major holidays.

Can I order by email or fax?

You can order by email or fax 24 hours a day, 7 days a week           csm@anacom-medtek.com  or fax 1-714-774-7388

What time does the shipping department open and close for will call pick up?

Anacom MedTek’s shipping department is open from 8:00 am to 3:30 PM PST for Will call pick up. Please call 1-714-774-8080 to verify your order is ready.

What are your terms of sale?

All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars, and are net 30 days from date of invoice, subject to credit approval. All prices are F.O.B. Anaheim, California unless otherwise specified. A service charge of 1.5{2748aeb1b65847d0cc346887ce737acfd15c3203b9a2fb0f368b7753509c7603} per month will be charged to past due accounts.  Goods will not be shipped to buyers whose accounts are overdue until such time that we have received full payment of past due amount.  Payment remittal to: 1240 S. Claudina Street, Anaheim, CA 92805-6204

Do you have technical support?

Yes, please call 1-800-955-9540 to speak to an available Sales Representative.


How do you determine if the pillow speakers are eligible for warranty?

Each unit has a label which includes a Date Code.  The Date Code is read as follows:  the 1st 2 numbers are the week of the year it was manufactured, and the 2nd 2 numbers represent the year.

Is there a pillow speaker repair service? If so, what is the cost?

We do provide a flat-fee repair service for our pillow speakers.  The costs vary, according to the model of pillow speaker.

Is there a warranty on repaired units?

There is a 6-month warranty on the part that was repaired.

What is an RMA, and how do I process a return request?

An RMA is a Return Material Authorization. This document is used to return product back to Anacom MedTek for various reasons. Anacom MedTek will not accept returned material unless an RMA is issued.

Please call your customer service representative at 1-800-955-9540 and they will assist you.

A Returned Material Authorization number must be issued by ANACOM MEDTEK prior to return of any goods. Goods returned are to be referenced with this number and must be returned within 30 days of the issuance of the RMA number, or they will not be accepted. All returns are to be sent to ANACOM MEDTEK freight prepaid.

Goods incorrectly ordered will be accepted back for credit if returned within 60 days and are in original condition and packaging. A 20{2748aeb1b65847d0cc346887ce737acfd15c3203b9a2fb0f368b7753509c7603} or $25.00, restocking charge (whichever is higher) will be levied to cover handling costs. Custom products are non-cancelable or returnable. Anacom MedTek will provide a first article for customer approval and requires written approval of the first article prior to manufacturing.

What is your warranty?

ANACOM MEDTEK products carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser against defective materials and workmanship. Products not manufactured by ANACOM MEDTEK are subject to its manufacturer’s warranty. ANACOM MEDTEK at its option, will repair or replace faulty goods and is not responsible for any consequential loss incurred due to faulty goods. Pillow Speakers carry a two-year warranty against defective operation, which also includes during that period a “No Questions Asked” warranty against case cracking or breakage. This warranty does not cover normal wear, misuse or consumable items, and does not include modifications or damages due to abuse by the user.


How do you reprogram a pillow speaker?

Reprogramming a pillow speaker is as easy as pushing a few buttons on the unit, at bed-side. Instructions are included with each Pillow Speaker purchased.

How many times can a breathcall be used?

Breathcalls are meant to be used by only 1 Patient.  12 replacement straws are included with each Breathcall purchase.

How is the Series 8 safer, in terms of fluids?

The Series 8 has 76{2748aeb1b65847d0cc346887ce737acfd15c3203b9a2fb0f368b7753509c7603} less openings than our closest competitor, which provides a significant amount more of infection control.  We also have a sealed audio jack, tongue and groove case design.

Why is the Series 8 pillow speaker easier to use?

The buttons of the Series 8 pillow speakers have been redesigned to be larger, brighter and softer than any other competitors.

Why is the Series 8 pillow speaker easier to maintain?

The Quick-Change cable design of the Series 8 pillow speaker allows the replacement of a damaged cable in less than ONE minute.

How many case colors does the Series 8 pillow speaker come in?

Currently, there are 7 different case colors to choose from at no extra charge – Latte Beige, Heavenly Blue, Royal Blue, Cardinal Red, Sunflower Yellow, Jet Black, and Majestic Purple.

Does the Series 8 pillow speaker have an Audio Jack option for Headphone use?

Every single Series 8 pillow speaker includes an Audio Jack for Headphones at no extra charge.  This option allows for a quieter patient environment.  We also supply disposable headphones.

Are nurse call systems offered by Anacom MedTek?

We currently offer some replacement patient stations, master consoles, dome lights, etc. for several of the more common nurse call systems.  Our stock and supplies vary.  Please contact us with the Part Number or Model Number(s) you need, and we will do our best to provide you with a response by no later than the following business day.

Why Are Anacom MedTek Bed Communication Cables Better?

Anacom-MedTek offers premium bed cables at competitive prices. We manufacture our cables to be the best in the market. All our bed cables feature Solid Brass Pins. As you will see, the solid brass pins are much stronger than hollow pins you currently use.

The pins are designed so that even when the cables are abused, the pins can be straightened for extended life. Our cables also offer our legendary Duraflex PVC Tear-Resistant Cable Jacket, surpassing all UL requirements for bed cables.

Our bed communication cables are offered in three different versions, designed to meet your facility’s needs.

Our Standard Bed Communication Cable is available for Hill-Rom or Stryker beds. It is available with a molded in-line or ninety-degree wall end plug.

Our StationGuard Bed Communication Cable eliminates damage to the Hill-Rom BIU Station. Its broad face plug pivots and lifts protecting the receptacle, pins, and shroud. If you do not use the Hill-Rom BIU Station, we offer the Anacom-MedTek StationGuard wall plate. When combined with the StationGuard Cable will provide the same receptacle protection.

Our Safety Disconnect Bed Communication Cable has a middle connector, allowing you to disconnect the bed without removing the plug at the wall station or bed. The safety disconnect cable is also with a molded in-line or ninety-degree wall end plug.

How do I determine what Nurse Call System I have?

Your nurse call system can be identified by determining the plug style used and your station wiring.  Several helpful diagrams and photos are available in the Anacom Catalog for matching plug styles.  If you need help identifying the nurse call system in use at your facility please contact us at 1-800-955-9540 or email csm@anacom-medtek.com and we will be happy to assist you.

What is a Nurse Call Interface?

A nurse call interface is a receptacle on a product that allows the item to be tied into a nurse call station.  An adapter is needed to plug into the nurse call interface on the product and then connected into the wall station.  By allowing this


Are TVs a product line for Anacom MedTek?

Anacom MedTek is an Authorized Distributor for LG TVs – Healthcare Grade and Consumer-grade.


What are OEM Products?

OEM products are items proceed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.  These “brand name” items are produced

What are Anacom Replacement for OEM Products?

Anacom replacements for OEM products are high quality made by Anacom that are designed to match the form, fit and function of some OEM items.  Anacom can offers a cost savings to the customer over OEM items and can sometimes provide alternatives when OEM parts are not available.

Customized or specific item requirements?

Contact us directly for assistance in designing your product requirement, or a quote for an item not listed in our catalog.