About Us

Anacom MedTek manufacturers state-of-the-art Nurse Call devices and other medical equipment.  Anacom MedTek delivers the highest quality medical equipment available on the market to different medical intuitions and hospitals to enable them to manage their patients better and ensure their quick and comfortable recovery.  Anacom MedTek makes nurse call devices, bed cables, bed controls, Call Cords, Adapters, TV Products, Specialty Items, Custom Items, and many signaling and medical Accessories.

With the physical location in Anaheim, California, Anacom MedTek manufactures, ships, delivers and provides medical devices and equipment to different countries. With superior products, innovative designs, state-of-the-art technology, premium range of signaling devices and excellent customer services in the industry, Anacom MedTek has become synonymous with precision based medical signaling solutions and medical equipment manufacturer.

The Company

Anacom-MedTek is a highly dynamic company dedicated to providing state of the art engineering and quality products to the health care industry.  Anacom MedTek was founded in 1968 by William and Darline Haines. Current President and CEO Daniel S. Haines continues this commitment to quality and service which have been the cornerstone of Anacom MedTek since its founding. Anacom MedTek executes a central role in the healthcare industries enabling the best possible solutions and exceptional customer service.  All the account representatives, sales consultants, and staff at Anacom MedTek are always there to assist in problem-solving,  as well as providing cost-effective yet adaptable medical solutions for all the patients.

Today, Anacom MedTek is considered one of the largest manufacturers of nursecall devices and signaling medical products as well as a host of hospital related accessories for various hospitals, medical institutions, and nursing homes throughout the world.

Anacom Medtek’s success lies in the fact that all the employees strive to enable the most precise and innovative solutions for the various patients in all the facilities where people require care from Anacom MedTek. Anacom MedTek will continue to deliver exceptional, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

The Anacom MedTek Advantage – Enabling Better Patient Management

Superior products, innovative designs, premium quality and the best customer service in the industry makes Anacom MedTek valuable for various medical institutes and hospitals.

Innovative Technology

All the products manufactured by Anacom MedTek are of the highest quality and are state-of-the-art in nature. Innovative solutions and next-generation medical equipment solutions are Anacom MedTek’s. Behind every product delivered from Anacom, there is the dedication to solving problems concerning the signaling procedures and hospital management. Custom solutions can also be provided to all the clients concerning the specific requirements.

Unrivaled Quality

All of the precisely manufactured products from Anacom help decrease operating costs and extend the quality of nurse call systems, while the products that are distributed are of the highest-quality ensuring increased productivity and better care for patients. Anacom MedTek’s mission is to enhance the lives of the various patients while providing the nurses and the medical staff unrivaled quality products.

Superior Customer Service

Anacom MedTek is built on delivering innovation combined with excellent customer service. Providing friendly, knowledgeable and comprehensive customer services. Anacom MedTek is considered one of the best out there. Anacom MedTek has developed innovative products, medical business partnerships and continues to provide cost-effective and productive medical solutions with superior customer service.